Head from the Lovesexy Tour rehearsal sessions 


Prince, the Master of Shade and Side Eye

When he’s not here for any shit. ❤️ #Prince

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Elisa Fiorillo - Love’s No Fun

Prince met Elisa during the late 80’s and they worked together until the early 90’s. Most Prince fans were introduced to her voice in 1990 when she sung the backing vocals for The Time’s song Love Machine from the Graffiti Bridge movie soundtrack. 


Prince - Baby You’re A Trip (unreleased)

prince’s original version of this song recorded in 1982. It was eventually released by jill jones  in 1987

Both Prince and Jill’s version of this song slays

Prince newspaper and magazine articles over the years

Prince newspaper and magazine articles over the years


You walked in - I woke up. I’ve never seen a pretty girl look so tough, baby.

Prince - Sign O’ The Times from the Sign O’ The Times tour rehearsal sessions. 

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